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How Keywords Help SEO

Keywords and SEO basically go hand in hand, it is what is picked up by the search engine spiders. Keywords tell the search engine spiders what your site is about, they also tell the customer/reader/consumer what your site is about. Anything you type into Google is a Keyword. Say you …

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How I Use Facebook

Hmmm….yes how do I use Facebook? Do I use it the way everyone tells me how to use it…no! Do I use it in a way that engages people on my wall…no I’m affraid not! I don’t spend calculated time on Facebook. Do I want to, yes and no?… No¬†because …

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The Beginning Steps of Online Earning

Giveaway Every business needs tools. Online there are basic tools of the trade that is needed in the beginning steps of online earning and I talk a litte about what I have found to be crusial in making money online in this video. One of the things I talk about …

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