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How I Use Facebook

Hmmm….yes how do I use Facebook? Do I use it the way everyone tells me how to use it…no! Do I use it in a way that engages people on my wall…no I’m affraid not! I don’t spend calculated time on Facebook.

Do I want to, yes and no?… No because I feel many times that Facebook has become a time waster and my partner sure doesnt like it when I pick up my phone to either write, look or comment. He complains about me doing it “ALL the time!”

Yes because I want to speak with friends, get to know people use it for my online business but at the same time I also have life outside of facebook and a little boy turning 2 in December so it’s hard for me.

I do however like to use Instagram so that is a little easier for me. Just take a photo, tag it and post it…not to distracting 😉

Hard because I suffer from ADHD and I don’t use meds!  So I am easily distracted from the main purpose of why I go on facebook in the first place…business…I end up reading friends post, other affiliate marketers posts, news etc….

I have however come to one solution and that is I pick up my phone and go into facebook and try to stay on for about 20 min then I usually only get to see the 10 top news feeds and I get to comment about 5 newsfeeds before I try to put it down….so far this is working for me…

I am working on another strategy though….

But to use Facebook effectively in business related matters, the best way to create engagement is to post tips, how to’s, articles sometimes ask questions, show that you have a sense of humor…if you have it that is 😉

I have created tons of groups on Facebook…which I have finally deleted. As I have said earlier, it is important to stay focused when you want to make money online, so that’s where I’m at…cleaning up and staying focused at the tasks at hand…It is really hard

Writing this short article has taken me a few hours to be honest…so many things come up when I sit down!

So there you have my answer to how I use Facebook…not very productive but I am getting there…

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I am a mother of 2, a 19 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. I live in one of the worlds best place to live according to UN; Norway, and I am very grateful for this.