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How Keywords Help SEO

Keywords and SEO

basically go hand in hand, it is what is picked up by the search engine spiders. Keywords tell the search engine spiders what your site is about, they also tell the customer/reader/consumer what your site is about.

Anything you type into Google is a Keyword.

Say you are looking for something about a dog, you type in dog in google. As you see in the picture dog brings up more anticipating words, words that have been typed along with dog.


Let’s see what showes up when we type “dog food”


These are ALL KEYWORDS, they tell you as a consumer what is out there on the internet and as a person providing goods or services on the web, it tells you what people are looking for. Do you want to target a potential customer, you should definately understand SEO, Keywords and the buying process. Having insight into the customers purchasing life-cycle, will help you understand how to effectively target your customers.

All this took some time for me to understand, I am not saying it will take time for you but it did for me….but now I can finally understand it so that I can write it all out in the easiest simplest way to understand, for me. I hope it clears up some of your confusion as well!

So please if you have any comment, anything to add, or questions, please leave me a comment below!

-Kiesha Michelle

Sharing is Caring Guys 😉

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I am a mother of 2, a 19 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. I live in one of the worlds best place to live according to UN; Norway, and I am very grateful for this.

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