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​Join promote earn,  it’s really not that easy!!

The actual steps are like this:

Find a product or a system (like –  buy a domain name with the keyword for your business / product) you want to promote in the name – find hosting – set up a WordPress site – write blog posts every day – then find an autoresponder (service to capture interested people’s email) and send them information that is captivating and relevant,  then…. Promote!!!   

Now that is more the realistic steps that you never hear from no one!   No one tells you this when you start out, the more you digg the more you find out and the more mola you end up showing out. 

So I will spear you the “find out as you go” revelation and tell you straight from the start…. You NEED money to make money online.  Granted you don’t need much,  but you do need money!!!!  

So if you still dream of making money from your home doing affiliate marketing …start checking out a product or a system you want to start promoting then think about how you want to present it and then find a Domain and hosting!  Who will you follow?  Who do you resonate with?  Make them your mentors!! Either by paying then or purchasing their program / mentoring program!  

So now you have a start…..more to follow ☺️

About Kiesha Michelle

I am a mother of 2, a 19 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. I live in one of the worlds best place to live according to UN; Norway, and I am very grateful for this.

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