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Temporary Review of Commission Cartel

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I am very exited about this purchase so I had to write a little temporary review of my new product… So the other day I bought Commission Cartel and so far I have gone through about 1/4 of the content There is allot of content to go throuhg and right …

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The real meaning of Independence Day

I’m no history buff but it’s my understanding of Independence Day is that it’s  something the U.S.A. celebrates every year because; They escaped the evil tyranny of their “bosses”. (AKA – the Brits). And bosses don’t come much nastier than Brits back in those days – just ask India. Anyway …

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How I Use Facebook

Hmmm….yes how do I use Facebook? Do I use it the way everyone tells me how to use it…no! Do I use it in a way that engages people on my wall…no I’m affraid not! I don’t spend calculated time on Facebook. Do I want to, yes and no?… No because …

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The Beginning Steps of Online Earning

Giveaway Every business needs tools. Online there are basic tools of the trade that is needed in the beginning steps of online earning and I talk a litte about what I have found to be crusial in making money online in this video. One of the things I talk about …

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